Staining Paper

My mom and I recently spent a day staining book pages for a future project.  I had learned this in school but it was a much messier process.  We simplified it by brushing on the staining agent rather than letting it soak and then letting it dry overnight instead of baking.  The end result was a softer paper (good for artwork) and no edge curling.  Here’s a quick photo tutorial of how to do it:

First gather all your ingredients.  In this case, we used a strong English breakfast tea and some leftover coffee grounds.  Just add these into a bowl of cool water and let it sit for about 30 minutes.

Next, choose a soft large head brush and brush on the staining agent.  Simple!

Now sit it aside to air dry.  We left ours overnight.  As it dries, it will become darker.

If using coffee grounds (which provide a darker, brownish hue compared to the yellow stained tea pages) the grounds will just brush off.

We took some pages and did both tea stains and coffee stains which made the end pages yellowish with brown mottled stains throughout.  It was a nice easy look to make antique looking pages.


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